What Reality Is This Again?

Let the Magick Begin


Thank you for joining me in the wacko world of my imagination! 

These are a very few of the dreams that I've remembered long enough to be able to write down ;D

I started recording what I could remember of my dreams when I was around 7 or 8, so yes. Some of these are the dreams of a child, others the dreams of a teenager, and some from the more adult-like person that I've been becoming within the last few years. 

These are various dream I've written down at different times in my life. 

I have to write them down right after I wake up, otherwise I don't remember them so there aren't too many yet haha.


Egyptian/Autonomy 3/11 - 3/12 2019 dream

I was a student at an ancient Egyptian/astronomy school class thing, but almost everyone studied the stuff. I ended up teaching the class somehow, and we were translating the hieroglyphics. 

Monkeys were basically the librarians of the hieroglyphics because they were more brilliant than we measly humans were, and knew how to keep the hieroglyphs in the correct order without causing an apocalypse by accidentally putting some catastrophic spell together! 

Jupiter had a big thing to do with everything in my dream, and Saturn would get closer and further away in the sky. Also Pharaohs were almost like ghosts but more like other worldly beings?? And as I was teaching the class, one of the pharaohs (I don't know if I know the one it was, but he was a big deal. Though in awake Amber’s memory it seems like he was one of the lesser known pharaohs that people have dismissed) appeared and was impressed with my knowledge. The class was in awe (not as much as I was) and the Pharaoh disappeared into a vortex.  

He then appeared to me later and told me I needed to help come up with a spell to save the universe?? Somehow Saturn was possibly trying to destroy everything or so everyone thought! This however was not the case and I was left to be the one person really trying to figure things out. 

I didn’t know much, but somehow did know that Saturn and Jupiter were the keys to helping save everything, along with some of the hieroglyphic texts. Uranus also made an appearance; though, I’ll be it, not a large one. I feel that Uranus was somehow very detrimental to the outcome. 

I didn’t get to save the universe unfortunately because right as I was on the brink of figuring out the solution! I. Woke. Up!!!!

Now that I’m awake more, I think that Pharaoh was either Jupiter or Saturn in disguise!?!?! (I'm leaning more toward Saturn though) 


Mafia Wife and Sister-Husband 6/1-2/2019

My lover was the woman in charge of - I think - the mob, if not some other sort of dangerous group that not even the government fucked with. I was an extreme airhead through pretty much all of it, too. We’d all just hang out in a huge house and were really like a giant family, and I was the person that everyone had already accepted and decided was part of the family. They made sure I was always kept safe, but kinda in the dark too. They weren’t really trying to hide anything from me, they just didn’t tell me straight out either. I just knew that no one wanted to mess with my peeps, and my woman was a badass! 

Fast forward, I knew my woman had a hubby, but I had never met him because he had been away for a while- I’m guessing on a mission of some sort. I believe they were still able to meet up when she went on trips, but he was coming home and I was really nervous to meet him! He had his own room though, and I shared with our wife (pretty sure we were also married at this point), and everyone just knew I was the favorite. This was part of why I was so nervous because I didn’t want him to try to get rid of me. 

So wifey and I were getting ready for bed, and all of the sudden my sister-husband waltses in dressed as Prince Adam!!! I found out he was really excited, and wanted to make an impression, so he asked everyone what I liked. He chose well, and we all knew it! I told him he was my favorite person ever, and our wife was like “except for me right?” and I was like “You’ve never dressed up as prince Adam for me” in which she replied “What if I dress you as Belle?”  in which I was overjoyed for and accepted!!!! 

But then my sister-husband and I danced as Belle and Adam, and I stepped on his feet like I was supposed to (I didn’t mean to, I was just a terrible dancer). Our wife asked if he was still my favorite (Sister-Husband and I had no sexual relation what-so-ever, but we freakin loved each other) and I let her know that he was still dancing with me even though I was stepping on his feet, so, yes. 

The relationship was freakin hilarious from then on, I was still the one sharing the room with our wife, and he slept in his own. I was still the favorite, and he was almost like my gay best friend even though I was the gay one hahaha! He would even help me plot ways to surprise her (all in my favor), he got so excited!!! It was wonderful, not even in a “I don’t want her, you can have her” sort of way, but just because he was really excited and that man could freaking plan!!! 

At one point I got kidnapped, and didn’t even know I was kidnapped. We were playing Scooby Doo Clue, and my Wife, Sister-Husband, and like our entire group came busting into the room to save me. The guys that kidnapped me asked “HOW DID YOU GET IN ALREADY?!!!!”, My wife pointed at the front door, And I said “Oh yeah! I forgot to tell you! I sent those guys out to get drinks and snacks” I still had no idea what was going on, and my Wife and Sister-Husband started playing with us bahaahaha!!!! The guys that went out for refreshments had to go back out again bahahahahaahahaha!!!!!! I found out later that my Sister-Husband wanted to dress as Prince Adam when they came to save me, but our wife told him no because she wanted to be my hero, and didn’t want him to take that from her hahaha!!!!


These next two were some of my earlier dreams, they don't have dates on them 

So they were either child-Amber's dreams or young-teen-Amber's dreams

4 Vampire Clans

There were 4 vampire clans living in a very large house that sometimes turned into very large forests. I was the daughter to one of the Kings (Odin), my older sister Asha was the daughter of a king in a different one, my mom was queen of another one, and the bad guy was the king of the last one.

My dad sent me and three others into the woods to spy on the bad guy. I don’t think he expected us to get killed out there. The bad guy, who if i might say so was really hot, killed one of my friends. He let me and the other two go. We ran trying to get home, but he had guards posted everywhere making it very hard to escape. I had a bow and a couple of arrows as our only protection. We were able to fight off and kill some of the guards as we tried to escape, but little did we know one of the guards was his wife.... needless to say he got pissed, and tried harder to kill us.

My dad and the other clans found out that we were trapped, but the clans didn’t say or do anything to help us. My dad on the other hand got our whole clan up and out of that house (which I knew better than I knew the back of my hand. I was an explorative kid, what could I say?). 

Our chaser killed my last two companions, my closest friends in my clan, and I was left running through the trees in search of my dad. I knew he could save me, but He was nowhere to be found! 

I hid behind a very strange tree that turned into - or out to be - some random clothes. 

I was in the basement of the house somehow. The guards knew I was in the house, and were searching everywhere. One almost came into the basement, until some lady told him that my dad was bringing all of his children to the house. The guard said that the king already knew. He peeked into the basement, but nothing more.

Then that lady came into the basement with some girl that I knew was human. I broke both of their necks, even though I knew that the vamp would wake up the next night. And I ran to my clan’s room of the house with all my might, only to find it empty. 

I ran down stairs and saw Asha and my Mom (she wasn’t my mom in my dream) and asked them where my dad was. They said they had put him and the rest of my clan in the dungeon... What this really meant, I knew, was that that meant he was out looking for me with my entire clan. 

I asked my mom and Asha if they could protect me because I knew that if the other two clans were on my side the bad guy vamp wouldn’t dare to hurt me! And then! I. Woke. up.


Dracula Protects us from Dad

This one was more of 2 dreams together, or back to back. My step dad (Dave) turned evil and wanted to kill us (My mom, sister and I), while at the same time I met a Dracula. I didn’t know he was a vampire, but it didn’t really matter much because he didn’t show up much in that dream.

Throughout the dream Dave and his buddies would find us and then we’d run and get away. It wasn’t a scary “daddy’s gonna kill me dream”, it was more of a comedic catch and release. 

Until somehow we got stuck in some giant birdcage thingy. I don’t even think dad found us there, and we ended up getting out. Then he found us as we were escaping, but didn’t want to kill us. He was just showing us ways to catch someone and two other things. Then I don’t remember what happened next... so this is the point I probably woke up. 

Ok this next dream I picked back up with Dracula (yes he was a hottie) and I on a date. We were at a dinner and he said something about love and eternal life, and somehow it didn’t sound cheesy at all. Then I answered back something about some kind of insurance. Then we went to some other place and that’s where he showed me he was a vampire. I didn’t really freak out, but was in a weird combination of a mixture between calm and scared. 

Then I found out that two of my best friends were also vampires and I could tell that they thought I looked tasty. I slid down the stairs (the scenery changed and we were now in his house) to get to Dracula so I didn’t get eaten by my friends! And because this was a dream, I just have to mention that I caught some air and picked up some amazing speed down those stairs! 

My boyfriend being Dracula, was naturally the leader of the Vampires so no one could touch me. 

Then all of the sudden my sisters and I were in Dracula’s basement where we found a book that was the key to stopping Dave - back from my other dream - When Dave came down the stairs. My sisters got away and I don’t remember if I did or if Dracula (his name wasn’t really Dracula in my dream but kind of was just in a made up sort of way. I don’t know what his name was) flew me out. 

All of the sudden I remember being on this big balcony that was my room. I had lived there for quite some time. It didn’t have any walls to the outside. It was the whole second floor and just had rails that went about as high as my chin and on one side it was just completely open. 

This giant birdcage came floating in and I thought it was my dad but it turned out to be a servant sent over that would do whatever I told him to do. The birdcage turned out to be a gift from Dracula, and apparently I was playing hard to get so I sent it back. There was another cage the next night this time brought by a female servant. I sent that back. I think something else with Dracula happened then I woke up. Dracula was really romantic and cute and I stayed with him when other vamps were around and they all looked like they wanted to eat me, but they wouldn’t dare because of Dracula. He was really sweet and cute to me too. And he had a hot accent!